Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brainstorming the Knotweed Project

Brain activity at CAPA!

Connie and David joined the CAPA students for a brain-storming session about the progress of the knotweed project - - the installation at the Mattress Factory and the design for the announcement. 

Here's a synopsis for the Pitt students so that we can build a creative and collaborative piece.

Ideas for the installation:
- the students at Pitt had presented the idea for a piece at the Mattress Factory, it involves
suspending approximately 500 sticks of knotweed in a 10' x 20' area so that the
sticks would create the feeling of walking or pushing one's way through the weeds--such as
the students experienced while clearing the knotweed off the hillside in Schenley Park

- how will all of these pieces be suspended? The CAPA kids have 3 hours on Friday, December 11 to work on the installation. Let's discuss and think this through before
hand so that when we can get  there and we can just do it!

- both groups of students have made or are making "puzzle" pieces:  organic-shaped sketches using the knotweed as a means of making lines, mark making, collage, etc.
These pieces will be part of the installation -- may be placed on the wall, on the floor,
both ? -- also it was suggested that they could be accompanied with a "knotweed work
station/studio/table" where the visitors could also make a puzzle piece. Could be added to
the exhibition or they could take it home

- Connie reiterated that the most important piece of this project was the "drawing" in the
patch of knotweed on the hillside in Schenley Park and that the fact of eco-art is to be
in the environment and to be viewer friendly and participatory. With that in mind, through
brainstorming - it was suggested that we re-visit the site, add hay to make the drawing
more visible within the patch, and then create a performance piece.

- Performance in the "Knotweed Patch"

Students and participants would have flashlights (candles would be beautiful but probably
to dangerous) and would walk through the drawing at dusk or later. Video and photography
would accompany this event. Images could be added to the installation.
Also suggested was a sound element - recording the crunching of branches while walking
through the patch

-  Photo images and video from the performance event could be displayed for the exhibition
(I can have large images printed for a great price --  3'x5')

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  1. I think that this is a wonderful idea, but we could use some additional ideas of how the knotweed will be hung. for example:

    It could get more and more dense as you continue further into the path

    It could be hung higher at the start of the path, and gradually taper towards the ground until the end.

    The path could also get increasingly narrow as you venture deeper into the path, giving the veiwer the slow but steady sense of being controlled or smothered and subdued by the knotweed.


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