Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ideas for announcement and/or poster

 The students selected several sketches that could be developed for the announcement and a poster. This one received the most votes. The basic idea being that the knotweed roots
would be replaced by a tree. I think that the student needs to write a comment about her
idea. What do we think about developing this idea? Other suggestions? DNA hillside drawing?


- the printed announcement could just contain text and no image

- refer to David's layout with the "green" bridges
- text over, within, or between the green areas
- image combined with the green areas

Okay guys, we need the design for the card to be completed by Monday, November 30.
Submit your design for discussion, comments and critique (if you want it) and then we'll vote on the final designs.

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  1. i would suggest that for this idea the artist
    do a google for "roots" and look at the images
    available to use as a reference. i think the drawing
    will be much more successful if it's based on
    the image of real roots~


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