Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sketches of Hanging Knotweed

A fellow Pitt student and I sketched out ideas to hang the knotweed. We would like to have the knotweed attached to 1 foot squares (of paper or something sturdier, perhaps cardboard), in such a pattern as can be seen in the "top view" sketch. Knotweed would hang sparsely around the perimeter, and become denser toward the middle. The room is divided in half to leave space for the other portion of the exhibition. The image labeled "Knotweed Exhibition" shows a projected view of half of the room. We really need to know the exact dimensions of the site, taking into consideration the the perimeter of walking space necessary around the piece (not depicted in the drawings) and also the distance between the floor and ceiling, in order to proceed.

In the photos of the site posted on the flickr account, there seem to be some relatively large cylindrical pipes against the ceiling. Would we be hanging the knotweed around these? The last sketch is a rough proposal to take those pipes into consideration.

I think we need to go check out the site again and get some exact dimensions and also note the condition of the ceiling, or perhaps ask the friendly staff at the MF if they know these dimensions off hand.

Hope everyone is stuffing their bellies with stuffing today!


  1. when we were at the MF on Friday, we measured a 10' x 20' area
    in the lobby. For access etc. the piece really can't be more than 8' wide.

  2. I kind of like the idea of using the pipes. It makes the pattern a little freer somehow. How would they be attached?

    ~Anna Caroline

  3. I think that it would be a good idea to come to the MF to test what you plan on using to hang from the ceiling. Hanging them from one foot squares might be very time consuming. What about thinking of each row of knotweed hanging from a horizontal pipe that is attached to the MF ceiling. You could still space the knotweed to fit your grid idea. Let us know when
    someone is able to stop by test things. We can make sure to have a ladder available and provide some assistance

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  5. I think incorporating the pipes is a good idea as well. Our class (at pitt) is formulating a design plan this friday. Does anyone know the distance from floor to ceiling so we can determine how low to suspend them?


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