Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Tuesady the students proposed that we should all reconsider the negative space drawing that was created in the park. It is central to our experience of being eco artists because by making the cutting of the Knotweed, we were acting to make art that improved the environment. We thought that we should go back to the park and place staw on the path that the drawing made. We thought we should make a video of the students walking the path and that video should be an important part of the show at the mattress factory.

QUESTION: because we must get permission from the park to go back and to spread the straw- what should be do if we do not get permission to spread the straw or to work in the park again?
How do we bring the park into the gallery setting?
-Could we use blow ups of pictures of the double helix drawing?and pictures of the before and after of the Knotweed hillside/ Could these stand in for a video of the students walking the path in the park?
-Could we focus on the forest of hanging knotweed in installation, and simulate the path we cut into the knotweed by covering the floor of the gallery in front of the hanging knotweed with knotweed twigs. Then clearing a path through it in the design we used in the park?
- Could we draw attention to the path by placing handmade paper bowls in bright colors to outline the path. Could the bowls be filled with seeds of native plants- to offer the concept that when the knotweed is cleared- then the native plants bring the environment into ballance.
-Could we do something else----WHAT DO YOU THINK


  1. Today, some students came up with the idea to make some sort of puppet. It would be made out of some sort of material, but it would be covered with a knotweed garmet. Also, some students have decided to make knotweed paper. It would have information on knotweed printed on it.

  2. I think the before/after images of the park could be pretty powerful...I might be able to do this using the digital lab at Pitt if we decided to do it. But the max size would be 17x22

    I'm not sure if this was already brought up, but I think it would be interesting if we could record some of the sounds in the park and have it playing on a continuous loop where we are hanging the knotweed...that way when people walk through it they can have an audio experience as well...I have a feeling this was already brought up though.


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