Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show Announcement / Postcard

Hi everyone~

As you know we need to come up with an announcement or a postcard for the Mattress,
Factory exhibit which is coming up fairly soon.  Below is an email from the
Education Director at the MF with some specific details of what text will need to go
on the announcement, and some general questions/ things to consider.

Hi David,

The information really needs to come from the collective partners; The title of the show, a blurb of what it is about, etc.
This may be tricky because there are different groups.

What the MF would supply is:
Our logo, and the Surdna Logo- I'll get that to you
          Location: Mattress Factory Lobby
Opening Reception, Saturday, December 12 from  2:00 to 4:00 ( I suggested this time and haven't' heard either way that it was okay so I am assuming it is) December 13-1:00 to 5:00 (available to view work)

Does this help? Do they have a title, image, blurb to work with? Is there someone out of the partners who can facilitate this?

We can print copies here.


Last Friday at Pitt, 3 students and I came up with the idea to use actual knotweed
cuttings (about 5"-6" long) to use for a limited edition of exhibit promos. They would
be hollowed out, and then a smaller (4" by 6") flyer with all the info can be inserted
inside. These could be placed in the lobby of The Mattress Factory and elsewhere.
We were thinking about 100-150 of them. There was also some consideration to
decorating the knotweed with natural dyes, or something else?

Karen has informed me that Heather's group will also be making a poster at CAPA
in the printmaking studios. Perhaps a collaboration is possible or not, but I think it 
will be great to have different promos,posters, cards etc... created by students
of both schools.

It will be helpful to post ideas, drawings and designs on the blog for everyone to see.


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