Monday, November 30, 2009

Making paper pulp

Today at CAPA the students reviewed ideas for the installation. I talked about some big puppets that were made several years ago that do not exist any longer -- we looked all over the school. Previously, one idea had been to make a large female figure,
Mother Nature, and cover her with a knotweed blanket. Today, as I recalled the puppet, we discussed the option to make a
large (Cheryl Capozotti-like style) puppet that could welcome visitors to the installation. Just an idea . . . .

Meanwhile, I'm posting these ideas for the students because they cannot post ideas at school unles they use my iPhone. We can see the blog but cannot access it. Working out the logistics . . . . (tsing took the photos . . .)

So here is a photo of making paper pulp. Tomorrow we hope to add the knotweed pieces, run them through the Hollander beater and see what happens.

We don't have any specific ideas as to how this will or will not be incorporated into the exhibition. It's just FUN!
There's always beeswax, rust, and rabbit-skin glue . . . who knows what will happen!


  1. I think if the paper does work out that it would be a really great way to show the practical use of knotweed; that while it is an invasive species it is still a part of nature that has great potential to be used in other ways. So maybe you could exhibit it in a way that would say that.

  2. Yes, that's perfect. I love the paper. I don't have any ideas whatsoever for how we could make the positive, practical side of the knotweed more apparent, but that makes a ton of sense.


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