Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Constance Merriman

Constance Merriman is an artist and a teacher. She has been creating art works for more than 30 years that are created in response to formal issues of art, and, more recently, to the social and environmental effects of the world wide extraction of fuel for energy. Constance uses a wide variety of media to create works that have been exhibited in galleries, museums and in public settings. These media includes film, painting, weaving, book art, drawing, digital media, ceramics, and social sculpture. She has taught in community and school settings and is currently teaching drawing for The School of Architecture, CMU, as well as The Carnegie Museum of Art. She is rostered with the Pittsburgh School and Community Program through which she engages in art residencies.
Constance is a collaborator in the Hays Woods Project and The Community Forest Project at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU. These projects investigate the role and value of Greenspace in the Urban Environment. 

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  1. i love this photo & it would be great to see a video of this series here~


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