Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knotweed drawing

If you were not there-ON last friday, we all came together at the park. Bright sunny day. Blue November sky. The students from Capa arrived on a bus and the Pitt students marched up the walk in front of Phipps and we met in a tent with the restoration ecologist, Erin Copland. We broke into teams and talked about the issues of urban forests and the inasive species. The teams hiked down into the park and viewed a massive slope of knotweed growing from the lake up to the top of the hill. We talked about how to make a drawing that would be translated into an earthwork in the plant field that would be beautiful, referr to the issues ,but would also give access to the entire knotweed site,as park workers will be trying to remove the entire stand in the spring. The teams devided to come up with a drawing in their sketchbooks. We came back together to look at the 5 strong designs. There was one that had a refference to crossing, fiber techniques or a dna helix. Thats the one we chose.

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