Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sketch for path through the knotweed

Brainstorming continued! Knotweed Floor-Drawing/Path

The CAPA students are presenting the idea to re-create the "dna" drawing on the floor of the gallery underneath the suspended patch of knotweed sticks. 

-One idea would be to mark the path by using brown-paper bag luminaries - but we will need to ask the MF re. fire hazard regulations

- Other ideas for a "lighted" pathway could be battery operated flicker luminaries,
or a string of lights, or . . . . . .?

- Pieces of knotweed, or the puzzle pieces, or both could be placed on the floor in the
negative space to help define the drawing

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  1. for the lighted pathway....

    how about solar powered driveway lights?


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